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If you are looking for skilled nursing services with a full range of rehabilitation services, Warren Barr South Loop is here to help. We provide in-house therapy, 24-hour nursing services along with a full complement of advanced medical care services in a beautiful and comfortable setting.

  • Ventilator Care
  • Post-Transplant Care
  • Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Care
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Healthcare Services

Providing Expert 24-Hour Respiratory Care

Warren Barr South Loop offers caring and compassionate, round-the-clock care for our patients needing advanced respiratory and ventilator care.

We provide support for patients requiring respiratory care for diseases such as end-stage COPD, Lou Gehrig’s disease, obstructive sleep apnea and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, CHF, Respiratory Failure and Tracheostomies.

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Healthcare Services

Post-Transplant Care

Our post-transplant care program is streamlined for effective liver and kidney recovery. It includes managing follow-up appointments, aftercare, and timely detection of complications. Our multidisciplinary team provides key services like infection prevention, therapy, and graft function assessment, focusing on a successful recovery process post-surgery.

*10 days to 6-month post-operative patients only.

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Healthcare Services

Short-Term Rehabilitation

A comprehensive and therapeutic approach to post-hospital rehabilitation, our short-term rehabilitation provides specialized physical, occupational, and speech therapy to recover from surgery or illness, enhancing mobility, function, and independence in a supportive, medically supervised environment.

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Healthcare Services

Cardiac Care

The cardiac rehabilitation program at Warren Barr South Loop is designed to promote optimum recovery and health for guests being treated for heart disease and/or cardiac-related surgery. Our goal is to not just limit the physical effects of cardiac illness, but to help improve our guests’ cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

Experience Warren Barr for Yourself

Scheduling your visit to Warren Barr is the best way to truly appreciate the unmatched quality of our accommodations and unwavering commitment to providing you with the highest quality transitional care.  We look forward to seeing you.

Illinois Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

SENIOR HELPLINE: 1-800-252-8966 (711 TRS)

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